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Support / FAQ

Have trouble with your order? Questions?

E-mail us and someone from our team will get back to you shortly.


What’s it made out of?

Our masks are made from locally sourced premium cotton blend. The natural fiber of cotton allows for great filtration, while maintaining a soft feel. We also added a bit of spandex to the blend so it stretches out nicely around the ears. 

When should I expect the product to arrive?

Our warehouse is hard at work to make sure that your order is fulfilled within 24 hours of your purchase. All orders are made and shipped in the heart of L.A. so from there, your delivery will be 3-5 business days, depending on your location. 

Do you offer pickup if we live in your area?

We do not offer pickup at this time, but shipping is free!


What is your return policy?

Our masks cannot be returned due to health and sanitary concerns. 

How do I wash my ello mask?

We’ve built these masks to last. Our premium cotton blend fabric is designed to be washed in hot water and will retain its shape through numerous wash cycles.

Does the mask have a filter?

While the masks are double-layered, they do not act as an extra filter. We recognize the need for this and are working on a solution in the future. 

Is the ello mask N95?

Our premium cotton blend fabric is designed to provide protection against nanoparticles and the transmission of infectious aerosols when used in combination with other protective measures. However, they do not meet N95 standards. One solution is to put this over your N95 mask to still keep a stylish look!

Can I make changes to my order once it’s been placed? 

Yes! Just send us a line at and we will make the changes as long as the order has not been shipped.

What's the guarantee?

We stand behind our product and aim to provide each individual with the utmost quality for their health (and fashion). If the mask you ordered has any manufacturing defects or issues that affect the quality of the product we will replace it. Just send your information to